Employment Training Programs

The Effective Supervisor

The key to preventing employment litigation is simple: training. The best, most carefully written policies provide no protection to an employer when its supervisors don’t know the policies exist or don’t understand how to apply them.

As EEOC Regional Attorney William Tamayo said, “We continue to see at the EEOC a failure of companies to train their supervisors in what actions or omissions can expose the company to liability.” Good manners aren’t enough. Supervisors need compelling, timely, and engaging training to feel comfortable and confident handling difficult situations.

The Effective Supervisor offers leadership training; a thorough introduction to employment laws; guidance on the differences between harassment, bullying, and workplace violence; a deep dive on responding compassionately, fairly, and lawfully when employee medical issues impact work and attendance; and instruction on how to document key employment actions. We offer the Effective Supervisor in public sessions, by webinar (coming soon), and on an in-house basis (either virtually or in-person, as circumstances and client preferences permit). In-house training is customized to the client’s policies, work environment, and forms.

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