Recorded Webinars


Investigating Workplace Romance Gone Awry

A discussion on office romance and what to do when it becomes a problem in the workplace.


When the Big Dog is Accused: Investigating a Member of the Leadership Team

A discussion on what to do when a leader is being investigated.


Spotting Lies: Effective Methods to Detect Deceptions

A discussion on methods to use during an investigation when an employee is being deceitful.



A discussion on the impact in the workplace regarding recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, federal agency initiatives, unionization and other trends and developments.


The Employment Trends That Will Shape 2022

COVID-19 represented an important historical and political turning point in the world of work and employee and employer regulation. As this pandemic becomes less of a primary feature and more of a background fixture in the workplace, our team invites you to join us in a look ahead at what 2022 has in store for employers.


Split Decision: Supreme Court Throws Out Vaccine Mandate For Large Employers But Revives It For Healthcare Workers

On January 13, 2022, two hotly anticipated Supreme Court decisions were published regarding two of the Biden Administration’s four vaccine mandates: the OSHA Large Employer Emergency Temporary Standard (“ETS”) and the CMS Interim Final Rule (“IFR”). The Supreme Court ordered the OSHA Large Employer ETS Stayed (i.e., it’s ineffective and cannot be enforced). The Supreme Court lifted stays entered against the CMS Interim Final Rule (i.e., it’s effective, but expect CMS to issue a revised timeline similar to what OSHA did when the Sixth Circuit revived the ETS).


The Transformative Union Election At Amazon In Birmingham Webinar

In this webinar, Richard Lehr discusses lessons learned from the Amazon campaign: workplace issues, union alliances with political and social justice advocacy groups, and what employers can do to avoid becoming “Amazoned.”


COVID Confusion Continues…

OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard for large employers has been temporarily put on hold while legal challenges play out. What about the President’s Executive Order directed toward government contractor and health care employers? How should employers implement medical and religious objections/exceptions to vaccinations? Vaccination incentives and surcharges have been successful – how should either or both be implemented? These and other timely COVID compliance concerns were reviewed by Al Vreeland and Whitney Brown during a webinar on Friday, November 12.


2021 Employment Law and Litigation Forecast Webinar

In this webinar we assessed the implications of the national election results and other issues which will affect employers in 2021.


COVID-19: Employer Rights and Responses

One week after COVID-19 was been declared a pandemic, we looked at employer rights to institute preventive measures, from telecommuting to travel restrictions, and assessing and managing legal risks from new work environments and rules.