Practice Areas

Although our attorneys cover the full range of employment issues, our representation in each area is built upon four philosophical foundations.

Strategic Planning

We believe that all labor relations must be approached within the context of a strategic plan, defined by the client’s long term business objectives and its labor and employment environment.

From major decisions (such as the protection of your distribution network) to the less complex decisions (like distributing handbooks to non-union employees), all labor and employment decisions should be made within this comprehensive framework.

Although our clients’ goals vary widely, we work with each to develop an overarching set of principles to guide all other decisions in both their union and non-union environments.

Continuity of Representation

Although our firm has the professional depth to deal with any contingency that may arise, we believe that it is important for our clients to have access to attorneys who are intimately familiar with their operations and are ultimately responsible for meeting their strategic goals. 

Particularly in geographically-dispersed businesses, our attorneys are often some of the few persons familiar with both the labor history and the larger strategic implications. To this end, when our firm commits a team of attorneys to handle your work, these attorneys will remain with you throughout our relationship.


In the same spirit, we recognize that the urgency of most labor and employment matters demands immediate access to your labor counsel.

Thus, our attorneys are accessible day and night and are prepared to respond to your needs immediately. When we commit an attorney to you, our goal is to respond as if you were that attorney’s only client.

We invite you to consult our other clients on this measure; many have been startled by the immediacy of our response.


Although different clients prefer different mixes of services, our firm’s goal is for our clients to use our services efficiently and effectively.

In developing a labor and employment strategy, our role includes identifying areas where our involvement is not needed. With appropriate training and development, many of our clients need to call on us only for the strategic and the complex.

To reach this level of efficient representation, we work with our clients to develop their human resources staff to handle those issues which do not warrant the expense of an attorney.