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COVID Confusion Continues…


OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard for large employers has been temporarily put on hold while legal challenges play out. What about the President’s Executive Order directed toward government contractor and health care employers? How should employers implement medical and religious objections/exceptions to vaccinations? Vaccination incentives and surcharges have been successful – how should either or both be implemented? These and other timely COVID compliance concerns were reviewed by Al Vreeland and Whitney Brown during a webinar on Friday, November 12. The following topics were addressed by our attorneys:

  1. OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard: comply or not?
  2. Other mandates: Healthcare ETS, Federal Contractor Guidelines, CMS Omnibus Vaccination Rule
  3. Accommodation/Exemptions: What may be required and sample forms
  4. State law or federal law – which reigns supreme: state anti-mandatory vaccination laws or federal vaccination requirements?
  5. Vaccination incentives/surcharges: exceptions/accommodations for medical or religious reasons?
  6. Alabama’s vaccine exemption law

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Dated Recorded

November 12, 2021