UAW Mercedes Loss – A “Bump in the Road?”

Friday’s 2,045 union yes to 2,642 union no vote should slow down the UAW’s southern organizing engine, but the UAW is in this for the long haul.  After all, it took three elections over 10 years for the UAW to succeed at VW.  If the UAW files objections to seek a NLRB ordered re-run election—the UAW would need to flip 299 voters to prevail.

The issues employees said resulted in this election are fundamental ones for manufacturers—scheduling and safety—and issues fundamental to all employers—favoritism, pay and benefits.  Employees said they were “just tired” and did not have a “work-life balance” due to scheduling.  Hopefully, Mercedes will address these issues in a manner where employees will not seek another vote and we can consider the VW outcome a “one off” for Southern auto industry manufacturers.

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